Please review that proposals and choose the best for You:


1. The celebrations of the event, (closed restaurant hall) with the number of guests up to 20 people – 25 000 UAH, up to 30 people – 30 000 UAH (includes the price of the order) + 10% (service).

2. Festive lunches  till 5 p.m (closed restaurant hall) – from 18 000 UAH + 10% (service).

3. The celebrations of the event with the number of guests 10-20 people (opened restaurant hall) – 1000 - 1100 UAH / per person + 10% (service).

4.The celebrations of the event  with the number of guests up to 10 people (opened restaurant hall) – 800 - 1000 UAH / per person

Possiblity of musical accompaniment (by an arrangement).


Is possible a musical accompaniment (by arrangement).

Organize the most romantic wedding with TerrazzA restaurant.

The atmosphere of our restaurant will give You an unforgettable experience and memories!

Only for honeymooners, we give 30% discount on the room of any category in  Saint Feder boutique - hotel. And  15% discount for Your guests.